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Posted on Jan 4, 2016 in Medication, Multiple Sclerosis, Sweden | 0 comments


My favorite neuro nurse, Patrice, preparing my Mabthera infusion at Danderydssjukhus, Stockholm.

Since my last post in November, 2013, I’ve had 4 Mabthera infusions to date, spaced out every six months. And guess what? I haven’t had a relapse since! In between the infusions, I changed boyfriends and apartments, and while the breakup was a long and painful process (we were together for almost 8 years!), I can finally say I’m over him and I have fully embraced my new life with my beloved, his family, and a tiny dog. I also recently became a Swedish citizen!

When I last spoke with my neurologist last December, he mentioned that my levels are good, sans for my blood sugar (a battle with diabetes that I’m often losing), otherwise I’m in tip-top shape. Mabthera has worked wonders for me. It still isn’t renowned officially as a medication for MS, but they aggressively use it here in Scandinavia, at least. I can only hope that this resource is available to those who are still suffering from the disease.

I have two more bi-annual infusions to go, and then he will lower the dosage to having the infusion annually from thereon. I must admit, the thought makes me anxious. In a way, I’ve thought of Mabthera as my miracle juice, so I’m not certain how my body will react from not having it as often…

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