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Skanör Weekend

Posted on Aug 31, 2013 in Europe, Sweden, Travel | 0 comments


This lovely place, located at the southern tip of Sweden, where from the beach you can see the Malmö bridge to Copenhagen, induces sleep.


We were here earlier for midsummer with our good friends, after just arriving in Sweden for two days. We had barely unpacked our massive suitcases, we were off again after being in the Philippines for 2 months. Now, as our last hurrah to summer, we decided to spend it here again and just basically destress.

Think of it as the Hamptons of Sweden. On the other side of the town, in Falsterbo, we were told that Greta Garbo lived there.

One of our friends later joined us and brought buckets of KFC all the way from Copenhagen! A very happy Shelah here. This was to be our dinner and lunch the following day. After this, I can officially say I’m all KFC’d out.


It is also crayfish season, so they bought kilos of fresh crayfish. It is best consumed with Västerbotten pie and tons of alcohol.


We were so tired and achy that we just lazed around in bed, cuddled under the thick covers and gazed out the window. Rinse and repeat for 4 days. This was the view from our room.


When in Skanör, at this lovely cottage, with awesome friends, time stands still.


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