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Much better

Posted on Jan 31, 2013 in Medication | 0 comments

So it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been wanting to document the whole relapse but got busy at getting better instead.

I am feeling 95% myself again, sans for this numb and tingling sensation left on my fingertips. Would love to continue physical therapy but it has been insanely cold that I’d rather stay indoors.

My port-a-cath has been bothering me. I always feel like it gets dislodged. It’s been less than a month since it was put in place and I almost forget it’s there. It itches sometimes for some reason, but I ignore it.

My 2nd Tysabri infusion is coming up on Monday and I hope the piercing of the huber needle won’t hurt inspite of the EMLA cream. I’m anxious about the side effects but I must say I have considerably improved since the first infusion. I have been reading up on this new pill BG-12 which will be launched this spring. I would love to switch to this but I’d rather wait for a full study and ride out the risk-free Tysabri for 2 years. Maybe by then the results of the studies would be more accurate.

I keep thinking how inconvenient having monthly infusions are. It kills my spontaneity. I used to be able to plan and book plane tickets months ahead and travel just like *that*. Now I have to work my schedule around my appointed infusion dates. Not to mention having to worry about getting the infusion even when I’m away. Sigh.

Sorry, random brain farts.

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