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About Althea

Every single day, a thought hovers over my head.

“You’ll never know when the next relapse is and you’ll never know how bad it is.”

Not knowing when it hits you next, there is a sense of paranoia at the slightest tingling or numbing of the fingers. The knee buckles and you start wondering if this is it.

And then the memory fails you. You exchange words. “Why do your feet smell so warm?”, I asked my partner one evening.

That is why I need to write. To remember the beautiful places I’ve been to and relive the sights I only dreamed of when I was young.

I see Multiple Sclerosis as an inconvenience. I know I won’t die of it, and sure, I do get depressed sometimes and I have my awkward moments but really, it is JUST an inconvenience.

I will travel as much as I can despite this. Until the next relapse.

Althea is a Digital Content Manager/Product Launch Specialist for a Seattle-based dot com and works from home. She lives with her Swedish partner in Stockholm, Sweden. She had several personal blogs in different niches but decided to forego those and decided to focus on a more relevant one, traveling with Multiple Sclerosis as a focus. She had a craniotomy in January 2012 in the Philippines after an MRI showed a 5cm single lesion, but it was in October of that year where she had another relapse and was officially diagnosed with MS in Sweden. She is currently treated with Mabthera infusions every 6 months. She hasn’t had a relapse since 2014.